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Sports in our Minnesota communities offer a vibrant outlet for youth and adults. Local communities are strong supporters of community teams. Do you need new uniforms, travel money, or equipment? Walnut Grove Mercantile Fudge Fundraisers are just the ticket. Take home 50% of everything you sell and please all your fans. From tennis to hockey, trap shooting to dance, we are here to help you successfully raise funds. Join the numerous sports teams throughout Minnesota and the Upper Midwest who have participated in a fudge fundraiser and hit a homerun.


Our mouth-watering fudge is available in a wide variety of flavors like Rocky Road, Chewy Praline, Maple Nut, and Chocolate Amaretto Swirl.


We make your fudge to order using quality ingredients so it’s as fresh as possible.


Your sports team keeps 50% of what you take in, and your supporters will receive real value for their money.


Join the numerous sports teams that have already reached their goals with the help of Walnut Grove Mercantile Fundraising.


Sports Team Fundraiser With Our Gourmet Fudge

With thirteen products to choose from, there is something for everyone with Walnut Grove Mercantile Fudge Fundraising. Offering two different sales models, in-person and online, we know that we can find the right fit for you and your team. Our fudge fundraisers are designed to be sold any time of the year; just right for seasonal sports!

How Our Fudge Sports Team Fundraiser Works

Fundraising Information

Call a team meeting and explore the winning possibility of a Walnut Grove Mercantile Fudge Fundraiser. We are more than happy to send free samples to share with your teammates. Your fans can choose from our thirteen delicious products, everything from homemade caramels, to chocolate peanut butter fudge. And the best part, you keep half of all you sell!


Our lineup consists of four fundraising programs (Everyday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s). Schedule your online or in-person selling period and hit the ground running. At the end of the selling period, send us your orders and we will need 2 weeks to make the fresh product for you. The products will be sent to the team leader who will be in charge of distribution to your fans. We do NOT send products directly to each supporter.


If your group fudge fundraiser was sold in-person and not online, you will need to send us the portion of payment that you have collected that is due to us. If you sold online, we will send you your portion of payment once all the final orders have been received and tallied. Maybe you sold both ways? We’ll work with you to make sure the sales amount comes out properly for your organization. Walnut Grove Mercantile Fundraising and your team is a winning combination!

What Other Sports Teams Are Saying

“The fundraiser was super simple. Our customers love the fudge and look forward to our next fudge fundraiser. The Walnut Grove Mercantile staff are very friendly and helpful. Thank you for helping us be successful!”

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