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Are you looking for an easy, not to mention delicious way to raise funds? Our school fundraiser program is for you. Join the countless other schools throughout Minnesota and the Upper Midwest who have participated in a fudge fundraiser. With 50% profit, it’s easy to make a real difference for your group or activity. If you are tired of your traditional fundraisers and looking for something new, Walnut Grove Mercantile is the perfect school fundraiser idea for you. Not to mention, how many other fundraisers offer 50% of your sales? Join us for a school fudge fundraiser this year and see the difference that we can offer for your STEM group, knowledge bowl group, cheer squad, robotics team, after prom, band, choir, and orchestra, and more!


Our mouth-watering fudge is available in a wide variety of flavors like Rocky Road, Chewy Praline, Maple Nut, and Chocolate Amaretto Swirl.


We make your fudge to order using quality ingredients so it’s as fresh as possible.


Your school keeps 50% of what you take in, and your supporters will receive real value for their money.


Join the numerous schools that have already reached their goals with the help of Walnut Grove Mercantile Fundraising.


School Fundraiser With Our Gourmet Fudge

School activities and extracurricular groups are in need of more fundraising than ever before. With school districts across Minnesota and the Upper Midwest facing budget restraints, it often falls to the students and families themselves to provide the funding for some of the most enjoyable, educational, and fun after school activities. That’s where we come in! We have nearly 15 years of experience working with groups like yours to ensure your kids have the resources they need to pursue their interests. Keep reading below to see how our school fundraisers work!

How Our Fudge School Fundraiser Works

Fundraising Information

Working with teachers or parent volunteers, our School Fudge Fundraisers are easy to run. Offering thirteen delicious products to choose from (including sugar free options!), your supporters will find the right item for them. 50% of every purchase goes directly to you! How great is that?


Once you decide how long you would like to sell (around two weeks is the perfect length), let your students do the selling either in person or online. At the end of the selling period, send us your orders and we will need two weeks to make the fresh product for you. Then, we’ll send it to you, the contact person, who will be in charge of distribution to your supporters. We do NOT send products directly to each supporter.


If your school fudge fundraiser was sold in person and not online, you will need to send us the portion of payment that you have collected that is due to us. If you sold online, we will send you your portion of payment once all the final orders have been received and tallied. Maybe you sold both ways? We’ll work with you to make sure the sales amount comes out properly for your group.

What Other Schools Are Saying

“The ease of selling Walnut Grove Mercantile fudge was unbelievable, it practically sold itself. We had so many compliments on the quality and taste of the fudge – we agree! Steve was very easy and personable to work with; he came through with every deadline and expectation we had. The students were super excited to get to taste test the product they were selling. Thank you for making our fundraiser a success.”

Middle School Teacher

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