Welcome to a fresh idea in fundraising!

Fundraising With Fudge and Caramels

Walnut Grove Mercantile offers an exciting program selling delicious, fresh fudge. We launched our WGM Fundraising program in 2004, when a local church group approached us.  The popularity of our fudge with the group’s need for funds made a perfect match. Since then, we have been proud to help many organizations across the country meet their needs. Let us help you today!


Our mouth-watering fudge is available in a wide variety of flavors like Chocolate Walnut, Chewy Praline, Chocolate Amaretto Swirl, and Sea Salt Caramel.


We make your fudge to order using quality ingredients so it’s as fresh as possible.


Your organization keeps 50% of what you take in, and your supporters will receive real value for their money.


Join the numerous organizations that have already reached their goals with the help of Walnut Grove Mercantile Fundraising.


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Keeping Things Stress-Free

Walnut Grove Mercantile Fundraising makes it easy for you to keep your entire fundraiser organized. Our Fundraising Kit provides all the information you’ll need for a successful and stress-free fundraiser. Let us help you:

  • Choose which program type is the best fit for your organization
  • Set a goal
  • Schedule your selling and delivery dates
  • Organize volunteers
  • Learn about innovative ways to sell more
  • Keep track of everything with our step-by-step checklist

How It Works

Fundraising Information

Sales Programs

We offer two fudge fundraising programs, Advance Sales and Sales Event. Choose one or both, depending on your organization’s needs and schedules.

Advance Sales

Your organization chooses a defined selling period (many groups sell in advance of a holiday). After you set your fundraising goal, your members will take orders from family, friends, and neighbors. Once we receive your group’s order, we will make your fudge fresh in time for you to deliver it to your supporters or for them to pick it up at your designated site.

Sales Events

Special events for your organization, school, church, or community are great times to fund raise. Estimate the number of people attending, and we will help you determine how much fudge to purchase in advance so that it is available right at the event. Some types of events to consider include sports tournaments, community celebrations, arts events, church bazaars, and conferences.


Your supporters will buy half-pound boxes, sold for $8.00 each. Your organization keeps half of the money you take in and sends the other half to us with your order. For a sales event, your organization pays half-price for your fudge in advance and then keeps all that is taken in at the event.


Our fresh fudge is made with real cream and butter. All of our fudge is made in a facility that uses nuts in some products. View a detailed listing of the ingredients we use to make our fudge below.

Fudge Storage

Fudge will not spoil, but over time the outer edges may harden if the fudge is left in the open air. Keep your fudge at room temperature, wrapped in the special liner in its box. Storage in a refrigerator may cause fudge to absorb odors and moisture. To store fudge for a longer period of time, put the whole box in a zip lock freezer bag, squeeze out as much air as possible and place in the freezer. The fudge will keep indefinitely in these conditions. When you are ready to eat the fudge, remove it from the freezer, leaving it in the plastic bag until thawed.

Our Customers Share Their Experiences

“The product sells itself.”

Arlen Christianson, ARC of Kandiyohi County

“Our youth group is thrilled with the profit margin and look forward to participating in another fundraising event.”

Cross of Calvary Youth

“The ease of selling the fudge was unbelievable. They came through with every deadline and expectation we had.”

RTR Middle School

“Hands down, the best and easiest fundraiser I have ever done, and I have done a lot of fundraisers”

Sibley East